Meet The DJ’s

DJ@thejinjoint — John

DJ@thejinjoint lays down tracks in the OTP studio.

“Sharing the reverberations and harmony to move the soul…and feet…”

This is what music does to him and would like nothing more than to share it with others. Song selection coupled with timed effects and the occasional scratch transforms a typical radio song to a whole new and deeper experience. While growing up, he found that just listening to the radio isn’t enough. He wanted to hear different remixes of the same song and finding new ways to feel about it. As with everyone else in his generation, he collected music and assembled mix cassettes to fit every mood (remember those Slow Jam tapes?). Even more he wanted to know how those changes are made and thus the interest in the technical aspects of audio fidelity (what does a fader do? what does an equalizer do?). This wanting to explore led him to various genres (R&B, Hip-Hop, Electro-Rock, Punk, Grunge, Pop, Blues, and Jazz) as well as the tinkering of audiophile equipment.

Today, these combinations have led him to the world of music selection and manipulation for the single notion of moving a listener’s soul….and feet!

Joining Open Tab Productions allows him to continue this exploration with others that share the same vision. With the backing of Open Tab Productions and its resources, venues become much more dynamic and eventful.

“What feels better than hearing that right song at the right time with a perfectly timed effect? Looking at the crowd and the crowd telling me that they feel the same way….without saying a word.”

DJ Smitty — Mike

DJ OT spins beats at a school dance.

“If you put your mind to it you can accomplish anything!”

DJ OT is the founder of Open Tab Productions and has been providing professional DJ, voice-over and Emcee services since the early 90’s. His love of music started in his early teen years and continued through adulthood. He spent several years on air as an “afternoon drive” DJ on 103.5, The Blaze in Chico, CA.

With a music library spanning over 30,000 songs (and still growing), DJ OT has something for EVERYONE. With nearly a thousand private events under his belt, Mike has seen it all.

When asked why he does this DJ OT says,
“I have a true passion for music. I believe the key to your events success is in the details. Taking the time to understand my clients wants, needs and expectations is key.”